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Change Team: 
Another update
by posted 06/02/2023

To all -

The league sent official notification of our game change from Saturday to Monday at 5:30 at West Woods.  

Following the game we will celebrate the end of the season with a pizza party.  Pizza, drinks and paper goods are taken care of.  Feel free to bring 

any other treats if you'd like.  If anyone has an alergy, ie gluten, dairy, hard work etc please let us know in advance.  

Best news:  The Greenfield's have volunteered to cover the June 10th concession stand.  What could only make that better would be if another family could help out also,

either at the same time or split the times for shorter shifts.  Please let me know.

With the Phillies winning last night we are pretty much guaranteed to play Wednesday night.

Thank you

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Upcoming Schedule
by posted 06/01/2023

Tonight -  @ Brewers at 6pm Grouten, we have the cages first.  Look to be there between 5 and 5:15.  If you haven't submitted availability via the league's email link, please do so.

Saturday's game is being rescheduled to Monday at Westwoods.  It is appreciation day at the fields on Saturday so stop down anyways for free food / snacks and the HR derby.

Monday vs Mets at Westwoods.  PIZZA PARTY to follow the game.  Feel free to bring a treat if you'd like.

Playoffs - We are in the 5th spot, so there is a 97% certainty we are playing either the Brewers or Phillies on Wednesday night.  

We don't have anyone for June 10th's concession duty.  Only spot on the calendar not filled.  Please volunteer, a few families have done it 2x already.  It's not a huge commitment and it looks bad on the team, especially if we have players going for districts or Lindquist, both of which will have the snack shack open.

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Congrats Giants
by posted 05/25/2023

The boys played an excellent game tonight.  They hit, pitched and fielded like pros.  Back at it tomorrow night.  The official score was 9-3 and the game ended at the top of the fifth.

But that's not the point of this email.  I need raffle tickets back.  I have 5 of the 13 envelopes that went out.  You don't need to have them sold, you do need to return them for the league's audit purposes.  I have to drive them to the commisioners house by Saturday.  

Thank you.


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Game Schedule
by posted 05/25/2023

Hello -

Tonight we play at 5:30 on Dubiel.  I will be there at 4:45 for warm ups.

Please bring all unsold tickets tonight, I have to drop them off at Rocco's house this weekend.  The raffle itself is the following weekend.

Please sign up for snack shack on the tenth.  We have the only unfilled spot remaining on the concession calendar.

Friday night's game is at 5pm at WEST WOODS.  I will be there between 4:15 and 4:30.  We have exactly 9 players confirmed so we should get in a lot of at-bats!  

Thank you


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Possible Game Friday
by posted 05/23/2023

Please let me know if your child would be unable to play Friday night.

This is the make-up from Saturday's canceled game vs the Mets.

If we have at least 9, we will go forward with it.

Thank you

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