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Farmington Little League
System Information
1.      LQ Manager Logon ID’s:
2.      How to input Game Scores
3.      How to input Pitching Statistics
LQ Manager Logon ID’s:
Please use the following instructions to log onto the web site.
1.      Go to www.FYBL.org
2.      In the upper right hand corner of the page, click on Admin
3.      Enter your Logon ID (email address):
4.      Enter your password (create own password, if first time on site).  If you are having problems, please contact Byron Frank (byrfrank@comcast.net)
5.      You should now be logged onto the web site
How to Get to your Team Page
1.      After you are logged into the system, Select “Team” from the top page of the web site page.
2.      Select: “Summer Tournaments”.
3.      Select your League: “Lindquist U10” or "Lindquist U12"
4.      Then select your team.
5.      You should then see a screen that has your team name.
6.      From this page, you can do several things:
a.       On the left navigation, you should see the following menus:
                                                   Schedule: Once the game schedule is loaded, you will be able to see your games here.
                                                  Results: This will show the results for each game
                                                  Standings: Will show the League standings.
You can also direct your team to this page to see results, standings, etc. This is a fun place to put in narrative on the games for the kids to see.
How to input Game Scores / Pitch Counts
1.      From your team page above, select “Results” from the left navigation.
2.      Identify the game you want to update. On the same line as the game, on the right side, is an icon of a paper and pencil. Click on this.


Click Here to enter scores







Enter Scores here.
Fill out the above scores. Most will be pre-filled. Just enter the scores.
Under Event Write Up (Comments), please enter the pitch counts for all pitchers in the game.