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6 Position - "Taking sign from the catcher"

Standing with glove in front of the chin, close to the body

 Throwing hand and ball in the glove

 Take a deep breath and relax the body

 Elbows down and relaxed

5 Position - "Rocker Step"

 Take a small step backward (4-6") with left foot (opposite for lefties) on a slight angle

 Turn right foot (opposite for lefties) so instep is facing the hitter

 Foot should be in front of rubber not on the rubber

4 Position - "Balance Position"

 Lift left leg (opposite for lefties) to at least 90*

 Point toe down

 Tuck chest toward leg

 Keep hands at chest level

3 Position - "Power Position" or "Stride Position"

 Stride toward plate leading with flat foot or toe

 Do not "push toward plate, rather glide ina controlled fall to the plate"

 Throwing hand breaks down, back and up

 Throwing arm ahould be bent to 90*

 Lead with right (opposite for lefties) glove and elbow toward hitter

 Ball should be facing toward shortstop (second basde for lefties)

 Land in a straight line to target with foot

 Front foot should be 5-25* closed to keep hip closed

 Pitcher should be in "athletic position" (knees and waist slightly bent)

2 Position - "Ball Release"

 Pull and Tuck glove to side of chest (next to heart for righthanders/opposite for lefties)

 Rotate back foot and hip ("squish the bug")

 Throw the ball

 Front foot should stay closed (5-25*)

 Low back is arched

 Chest is forward

 75% of weight on front foot, 25% on back foot

1 Position - "Follow Through"

 Throwing hand goes out toward hitter, then down across opposite knee

Glove stays close to chest or hip

 Feet face the hitter

 Waist is bent parallel to ground

 Pitcher is on balnce, ready to field the ball.


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