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FLL Sponsorship Through HundredX

By Rocco Guerrera, 02/13/24, 10:15PM EST


Help Farmington Little League Raise Money

Farmington Little League - Baseball & Softball is taking part in a fundraising opportunity. Below is a link if you are interested in helping out. These are quick surveys (60-90 seconds) and for every survey you fill out $1 will be donated to the Farmington Little League.

You must spend at least 60 seconds on each survey for it to register as legitimate feedback. All you need to do is click on the link below and for "Which Organization are you Supporting" you will need to select "Farmington Baseball and Softball Little League''. Once you sign up you can search for a particular business or select "show all categories" which you can browse from a multitude of options.

Then you are free to start filling out any surveys. There is a 25 a day max and 75 total max. You will need to fill out your personal information. Your information is not sold or shared to any third parties.

HundredX is fully committed to maintaining your confidential information. For all feedback providers, we DO NOT share any personal information with external parties, send advertisements or offers, or ask you to purchase any product. The feedback you share is not affiliated with you as an individual and is aggregated with.

This program starts immediately and goes until March 12th. If anyone has any questions feel free to contact me. Thanks for your support!

Anyone in the US (18 years or older) can sign up for the program by doing one of the following sign-up methods:
Online through this link:
Text “TEAM” to 90412 on their phones


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