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Due to the weather, fields are not playable today (July 17),  You will be notified of the make up date and updated playoff schedule.


Farmington Little League


Here is a list of raffle winners from our drawing on June 2nd.  All winners will be contacted this week.  Thanks for supporting Farmington LL.

Prize:   Winner   Winning Number
$2000 Amex Gift card   Richard Merlino 6427
$1000 Amex Gift card   Alle Caponigro 2343
$750 Apple Gift card   Amber Ruzbasn 532
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Stacey Ashton 1406
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Andrew Sheintop 7350
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Kathy Leary 3913
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Waller Family 1185
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   David Camilleri 3250
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Chrissy Alvord 6935
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Andrew Petersen 1042
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Geoffrey Manton 3586
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   Chris Fallica 6946
$50 Stop & Shop Gift Card   CJ Porter   2879
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Richard Merlino 6424
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Morgan Marshall 3042
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Maura Hopkins 818
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Adrian Perez IV 4558
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Will Bussiere 790
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Betsy McCann 3074
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Stacey Rosado 1262
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Mullins Family 1539
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   John Dolan Agency 2323
$50 Starbucks Gift Card   Susan Smith 5672
$50 Yume Gift Card   Mike Perodeau 4123
$50 Yume Gift Card   Sohrab Zahedi 143
$50 George's Gift Card   Chrissy Alvord 7202
$50 George's Gift Card   Sue Doskow 4887
$50 George's Gift Card   Lydia Jones 885
$50 George's Gift Card   Ava Sama   697
$50 George's Gift Card   Eric Carlson 7276
$50 Highland Park Gift Card   Pearson Guardenier 6263
$50 Highland Park Gift Card   Amanda Marcotte 1697
$50 Highland Park Gift Card   Dan Shay   1457
$50 Highland Park Gift Card   Brian Makowski 5631
$50 Highland Park Gift Card   Gabby Varca 973
$50 Naples Gift Card   Ben G   6264
$50 Naples Gift Card   Andy Marshall 1381
$50 Naples Gift Card   Waller Family 1180
$50 Naples Gift Card   Marilyn Poznanski 6617
$50 Naples Gift Card   Steve Young 699
$50 Naples Gift Card   Williamson Family 1776
$50 Naples Gift Card   Jack Nelson 4819
$50 Naples Gift Card   Stephanie Goutse 3927
$50 Naples Gift Card   Sean McGrath 5749
$50 Naples Gift Card   Waller Family 1184
$50 Rita's Gift Card   Mike Dunst 98
$50 Rita's Gift Card   Monika Merlino 2563
$50 Rita's Gift Card   Geoffrey Lutz 715
$50 Rita's Gift Card   Dominique Allard 471
$50 Rita's Gift Card   Alyssa Mencio 1388

How to Add a Guardian

Family members of an athlete can be added as "Guardians" to view the team schedule, RSVP to games and events, message team members, and edit the athlete's profile.

Spring, 2024 Registration

Registration is still available online!!!

For certain divisions, spots may not be available.  We will put you on a waiting list if that happens.


Click link below:

The Registration "Home" is not currently available.


Assessments will be held on Sunday March 17th from 2 to 6pm at All Access Sports in Plainville (75 Neal Court).  Players participating in machine pitch, minors, and majors are required to attend.  Specific windows of arrival will be provided the week of March 11th.  Softball players should save the date for now and players in divisions requiring assessment will be reached out to during the week of March 11th.


Assessments are expected to last one hour and parents will be asked to remain in a waiting area while the players are evaluated.

No news currently found.

Farmington Little League

P.O. Box 324

Farmington, CT 06034

Contact Us

Organization Name

Phone: 555-555-5555

Register on FLL website

Please click the link to the left to register yourself and/or child on the website (hosted by SportsEngine).   

There will be a separate link to register for the Spring, 2024 season (will be available on January 20th).